Therapy Sessions

”Problems are a part of life.
It is not the presence of problems that determines our health and well-being,
but what we do when we encounter them”


Individual Therapy

The aim of therapy is to resolve the issues that brought you to counselling and to help you establish or re-establish your life and grow beyond negative patterns from the past. How therapy is conducted is determined by the nature of the difficulty one is experiencing. It is also influenced by age and stage of development. I offer individual therapy for teenagers and adults on a long- or short-term basis. Individual session: 50 minutes.

Pre-marital Therapy

All too many couples get caught up in spending time planning their weddings without developing a plan for their marriage.
The early stages of a relationship, when the feelings you have for your partner are usually positive, is the ideal time to become more conscious and intentional in the ways you interact and work together. Pre-marital course is 6 sessions of 60 min.

Couples Therapy

At some point in a relationship, couples often find themselves struggling with anger and shock, despair and sadness.
Even if life at home is relatively peaceful, couples lament that they have “nothing in common anymore.” And so they lead a disappointed or angry co-existence, each with their own friends and interests, in a marriage of convenience, or an arrangement they endure “for the sake of the children.” Imago Couples Therapy assists couples in developing conscious, connecting, intimate, and committed relationships. Couples session: 50-75 minutes.

Family Therapy

Therapy focuses on addressing and modifying the obstacles which exist in the family system, helping family members communicate with one another in a productive way, and in helping them to working together toward more effective problem resolution. Family session: 50-75 minutes

In Hospital Sessions

I provide in-hospital services in cases where people are hospitalised and in need of a therapist. Session: 75 minutes.